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Sectors Overview


Waste has become a growing concern in the food and beverage industry, and Wessuc has become a trusted partner of companies that want to reduce costs, ensure compliance and reduce their environmental footprint. Our process management strategies and wastewater treatment technologies can assist wineries, craft breweries, candy manufacturers, dairy product manufacturers, soft drink companies and more with solutions that keep organics out of landfill, maximize water reuse, reduce haulage fees and optimize on-site treatment.


Let the Wessuc team turn your contaminated pulp and paper effluent into a valuable resource. Our wastewater management services for pulp and paper include maintaining your existing wastewater storage facilities, optimizing treatment to reduce haulage costs and maximizing opportunities for in-mill water reuse. A complimentary "quick 'n' dirty" wastewater audit is an excellent way to find out how you can improve your processes.


Municipalities of all sizes across Ontario rely on Wessuc's specialized and certified inspection, dewatering, clean-out and haulage teams to inspect, maintain and repair the critical infrastructure that delivers water and carries away waste, as well as the plants that accept and process that waste. We currently manage more than 400,000 m3 of municipal waste each year.


Our land application specialists are committed to improving and protecting soil quality. If you're a farmer who's interested in using biosolids, we'll confirm nutrient value, warrant against harmful components, prepare the OMAFRA plans and take care of the application once approval has been received. If you're a farmer with waste ponds or tanks on site, we'll remove, treat and re-apply safe and nutrient-rich biosolids on your land, following OMAFRA approval.


Our clients in steel and other heavy industries count on Wessuc for expert facility maintenance. We'll inspect, clean out and repair in places no one wants to go, including scum pits, incinerators and lagoons, all to keep your plant running efficiently and your production line running without interruption.


Our PACP-certified inspection team uses the latest technology to take a close look at underground assets both before and after you've connected your development project to municipal infrastructure to officially confirm there's been no damage during the construction process. If damage has occurred, our professional operators can perform the necessary repairs, sometimes the same day.